Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Turmeric for sore joints and muscles

The active ingredient from the plant is curcumin. Many studies have been started on the healing properties of curcumin. It is thought to work as a cox2 inhibitor. Sooner or late, we will hopefully see the documented positive results on paper. A few good supplement companies produce combination supplements for inflammation which include the herb. If suffering from inflammation and muscle soreness, consider a few of brands mentioned below. The positive result is that turmeric is also used in certain cultures for healing stomach ulcer. The typical prescription for swelling and inflammation is an NSAID (nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug). Motrin, ibuprofen, advil are one form of the family of nsaids. Motrin at high dose works well for pain, swelling and even fever. A common side effect is an upset stomach due to its side effect of decreasing the protective layer of mucous that lines the stomach. The family also flares up ulcerative colitis when used. Thus the beauty of turmeric in being able to help with pain from a muscle strain, broken bones, joint swelling without causing ulcers. The national institute of health states that some studies indicate liver problems so until studies are completed, people with gallbladder disease should be careful in using this supplements. Turmeric is used in many Indian foods and give the yellow coloring to many dishes. Ayurvedic medicine practitioners rely heavily on the powder form for many ailments including cancer treatment.